Frans Somers is the author, co-author and/or editor of 17 textbooks; 14 in Dutch and 3 in English.

Titles in English:

Presentation of first copy of the 3rd edition of “Economie van het overheidsbeleid” to Mr. Gerrit Zalm, Minister of Finance and Deputy Prime Minister of the then Dutch government (November 24th 2004).

  • European Union Economies, a comparative study, Addison Wesley Longman (1991, 1994, 1998).

Deals with the economic structure and business environment of 15 EU countries.

For more information:  visit webpage book at Pearson’s website

  • European Business Environment, doing business in the EU, Noordhoff Uitgevers / Routhledge, 2010.

This book analyses and discusses the European business environment and its  impact on doing business in Europe, taking a multidisciplinary approach.

It offers a practical introduction to how to create, manage and develop business  opportunities in the EU.

For more information: see webpage book at the site of  Routledge or Noordhoff 

  • European Competition, Noordhoff Uitgevers / Routhledge 2012

European Competition offers students an introduction to the field of competition,   cooperation and competition policy in the EU. It focuses on the subject areas      economics and law and is written from both a business and a social/legal.


For more information, see webpage book at the site of  Routledge or Noordhoff

Most recent publication in Dutch:
  • Economie van het overheidsbeleid, Wolters-Noordhoff  (1993, 1996, 2004). Analyses fiscal policy and the role of government in the Dutch economy.

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 Recent (short) articles (in Dutch):

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